99% Single Use Plastic Free - Because we are all responsible for our earth

At Aarth Cafe, we know that everything each person does affects the world we live in and so we want to be part of a positive change for our earth. In order for us to be part of this movement, we are now 99% single use plastic free.

What does this mean? It means we are carbon neutral by providing straws and boxes that are easily biodegradable. Each of these items will fall into the category of 99% single use plastic free. We are consistently focusing on how we can lesson the carbon footprint made by our cafe. You will see the changes in the cups we use and many different items over time. You can count on our cafe to be eco friendly.

We are also going to be offering compost to the community, at no cost, that would be perfect for a small veggie garden. We will be using coffee and pulp waste from our fruits and vegetables and leaving them in plastic bags for you to take and use. It is our way of giving back to not only the community, but to our environment. It is just another way to ensure we are becoming eco friendly.

99% Single Use Plastic Free