Halloumi – The Light Tasty Option!

Halloumi is a perfect choice if you are looking for a tasty, fresh, and light to go with any meal in your day. We serve it in our breakfast, lunch, and snack options and it can make some choices vegetarian by using halloumi instead of bacon! Our breakfast and lunch menu can show you the many different ways we offer it, which can be fried or grilled. Not sure what halloumi is? Check out this link.

Some of our choices are:

  • The shareable Halloumi fries with beetroot labneh sauce is a great snack to have with friends over a coffee and a chat.
  • Our  appetising bruschetta bacon and egg can have the bacon swapped to this savoury cheese to give you not only a vegetarian choice, but a light option as well!
  • The delectable Bombae breakfast offers this light cheese with potato to create an awesome match.
  • Our delicious Tight Rope lunch option has this tasty cheese as another perfect ingredient.
  • The mouth-watering smashed avo can have it added for an extra fresh flavour!
  • Our savoury omelette can have this tasty cheese added for an extra spurt of deliciousness.
  • Love Eggs Benedict, but want it vegetarian? Swap the bacon to halloumi! 
Bombae with Halloumi