Flavourful Greek Feature Night!

Our Greek feature night provides flavours that transport you to the place considered the cradle of Western civilisation. The food has aromas that bring you to the beautiful islands of Greece with gorgeous beaches and delicious cafes. Aarth is providing the delicious, Mediterranean taste of Greek food with gorgeous entrees you have not seen this sid ...


Italian Feature Night!

Why an Italian Feature Night? Italian food is a staple in many restaurants and homes because of its delicious taste, use of herbs, and pasta. It gives the amazing sense of being in a cafe throughout Italy. Aarth is providing the beauty of Italian food, its tastiness, while still putting a twist on the main dish. You will not be disappointed in this ...


Degustation Mexican Food!

Love our feature nights? Our newest feature night menu will be degustation Mexican food. We love to share the many different types of wonderful cuisines the world has to offer. Aarth has a chef and staff trained in many different delectable cuisines and our newest offering will show once again our outstanding food choices. All of the degustation Me ...


Delectable Turkish Food Night!

February 27th Turkish Food Degustation Night – Limited Seating Available – Contact Us! Our next feature night will focus on delectable Turkish food degustation. The price is $29.95 per person (drinks not included) and has 20 seats for the night. Currently, we have all seats taken, but watch our Facebook page to see if more open! Sunny&#82 ...