German Oktoberfest Feature Night!

German cuisine is known for its meats, roasts, braising, and sauerbraten. There are differing types depending on local or regional cuisines in a country so large. However, one of the most popular events known worldwide over is Oktoberfest. It is an historical event that started with the marriage of Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on Oct. 12, 1810. The celebration lasted multiple days with drinking, feasting and horse races. From then on, it became a yearly event. It is known for its celebration of different beers, but you can catch revellers dressed up or music playing as well. It also includes local cuisine. It is known as the world’s largest folk festival (Volksfest) and lasts 16-18 days in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Aarth’s German Oktoberfest provides a delicious, stylistic take on the different types of German food while honouring its traditions. German food is savoured and enjoyed worldwide and now Aarth is bringing it directly to you.

Our feature night takes you to the fun filled nights of Oktoberfest with our delicious cuisine. You will be ready to call it a night when finished with our tasy offerings; similar to those who partake in the Volksfest itself! You will not be disappointed in this feature night! It is bound to be our favourite to date. Bookings are for
Hurry soon as spots are filling up!


  • Cabbage roll with beef mince and bacon
  • Gluten free Crepes with sauerkraut
  • Chat potatoes with salmon and ham


Pork belly with potato and spinach dumpling.


Apple nougatine tart with dollop of whipped cream as a dessert

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