French Feature Night!

French cuisine is known for being haute cuisine worldwide and having a cuisine bourgeois. It is not known to be easy for homecooks to create and is associated with extravagant restaurants. However, when one truly looks into the development of french cuisine, one will find many different influences from Spain to Italy, Switzerland and Germany. There is also a peasant cuisine of the countryside that was not always discussed when formulating the current view in cookbooks and restaurants of what French cuisine entails. In fact, French cuisine now has two sides to its coin. It still has the bourgeois side to it, but it also contains receipts that homecooks can produce themselves. The history of French food is quite interesting as it started in the middle ages and this article can show you how it evolved overtime

Aarth’s French Feature Night provides both the haute cuisine found in four start restaurants around the globe while making it delectable to the Australian pallet. We have spent many hours ensuring our French Feature Night introduces you to French culinary, brings you to the delicious haute cuisine restaurants  found all over Paris, all the while keeping in mind those peasant dishes the French general citizenship are part of. 

Our feature night takes you to the beautiful nights found in places like Paris with our delicious cuisine. You will be ready to call it a night when finished with our variation on French cuisine. You will not be disappointed in this feature night! Bookings are for
5th Nov
12th Nov
19th Nov
26th Nov.
Hurry soon as spots are filling up!


  • Vol au vent bacon and mushroom
  • Smoked Salmon avocado and cream cheese cream
  • Moutarde De Dijon (Cold chicken with Dijon)


Beef Cheeks with carrot puree


Salt caramel brioche french toast with vanilla ice cream and macaron

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