February 27th Turkish Food Degustation Night - Limited Seating Available - Contact Us!

Our next feature night will focus on delectable Turkish food degustation. The price is $29.95 per person (drinks not included) and has 20 seats for the night. Currently, we have all seats taken, but watch our Facebook page to see if more open!

Sunny’s love affair with Turkish happened more than a decade ago while in Turkey for University, which is why the next feature night is delectable Turkish Food!

Whatever the time of day it is, Turkish food has so much to offer. There are morning dishes, midday dishes, four o’clock dishes, evening meals, dishes before the game, after the game, for late night, and on the way home. It’s why we are so excited about our delectable Turkish food night!

Sunny and his Head Chef Robin have created a delectable three course menu for our guests that are expertly chosen and created for this special occasion.


-Dukkah and sumac crusted calamari
-Pide (boat shaped pizza) with lean leg ham, cheese and cherry tomato.
-Beef kofte (meatballs) with our very own popular date and pomegranate jam.


Smoked paprika grilled chicken kebab, served on Turkish tabouleh jam with pilav rice and salad.


Turkish Kunefe Sweet Cheese Pastry with almond cream, chocolate and hazelnut spread and vanilla bean ice cream.

Take a peek into our delectable courses!